Good Morning!

This is my first official blog! I am determined to figure this computer stuff out, please bear with me. That being said, this will be a quick little snippet about some of our news I want to share with you all. This year our little company grew from the two of us to three of us. When this happened we needed to update our logo to signify this change, so we hired a graphic artist to help our birds depict us, and each color bird sets us apart, but together. Happily we want to present our new logo. We each took our favorite color to represent us, Gwen is the green bird, Alicia is the blue bird and I am the purple bird, of course! We are super excited about how well our new logo has evolved showing our whimsical side. You will see our logo in all our packaging and subscription boxes will easily be identified as you receive them in the mail.

Keep coming back, more news coming!