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Q: Are your soaps hypoallergenic?

A: Hypoallergenic mans that no one would or could have a reaction to my products. Everyone has different allergies and reactions to product combinations, and what is hypoallergenic for one may not be for another. I have tried to carefully list all the ingredients added to my products, and I am not adding synthetic preservatives. Fragrance oils and mica colorants are synthetically produced, however, and I list them on each product they are in. The natural line will not have fragrance oils or mica colorants and will be scented predominantly from essential oils and colored from plants.

Q: Do the soaps only come in those shapes and colors?

A: I only make small batches of each soap right now, and being relatively new at soap making the colors and choices are slowly expanding. As I learn new colors and expand my mold choices there will be new batches for sale on my site. Keep watching for new batches.

Q: How are the soaps shipped?

A: All orders will be packaged and sent in the smallest flat rate USPS priority boxes they fit in, and flat shipping rates will be added accordingly.