Electric Lemonade


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Looking for a touch of sweet and tart, we have just the soap, Electric Lemonade! This fun soap is scented with a fun blend that refreshes with the essence of mandarin, orange and verbena but infused with bergamot, Granny Smith apples and pumpkin. This is a perfect choice for any bath time, loved by adults and kids alike.

Our soaps are all specially formulated blending olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil and shea butter; offering a luxurious lather and moisturizing cleanse for even the most sensitive skin.  Sodium Lactate


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Distilled H2O, Lye, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Mica, Fragrance

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × 2.5 in


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